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A great go at a common style of movie.

I think this movie was a decent effort and i must respect the time it took to make.
However, this movie was a lot like xioa xioa and its series, and thats not a negative point.But if there was something just a little bit newer, and a slightly differant style,this movie would of been better by far.
Still a great movie though, but next time put somthing new in it and then it will be brilliant.

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This is cool

I liker the animation and the grafic most but this is very good.

This is the best thing i have seen on newgroundss.

This is exellent,i have studyed martial arts and this is spot on.I must say you give the stick animation a good name.This takes a while to load but may i say, Its worth it.I am amazed to think how you did it and all of these thing happenig at once on a frame a time.Brilliant.

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That was amazing.

All i have to say is, How did the author do it?
And why hasnt it got 5.00/5.00? Nevertheless, this is the best thing i have ever witnessed on Newgrounds.

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not very good

It needs work.

This is good

Very funny, the sounds r from zthing arnt they and that makes it good.U no.the irritating person who says the mail.and the way u cant do anything.
Thuis is cool and funny,good work.

Wus up the best movie on NG is Xiao Xaio no.3

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